You are always Loved.

There is so much to process right now.  The world is hurting, you are hurting. You may feel too much, you may feel it all and it leaves you feeling paralyzed.

Know that you are loved.  In all of your hurt, your fear, your anguish, your hope, & your joy, you are loved.

There is a sacred thread that connects us all and that is why when a piece of that thread breaks or tears, you feel it too sister.  But can you also feels those other pieces of thread?  Those that are strong and loving and resilient?  Those that can carry your tender heart until you feel the strength to stand once again? 

Pause – breathe.  Place your hands over your heart.  Feel yourself extending down through your feet and weaving your own energetic roots down into the earth.  Feel her rising up to meet you, with each breath, each pulse.  Feel the length through your spine and your crown opening up to be filled with the beauty of the sacred that is waiting to swirl, swoop and descend down to revive your tender heart.  You are a living, breathing temple, an embodiment of the cosmos.  A temple created and sustained by the organizing forces of love.

Breathe and fill yourself up with everything that you need so that you are ready to meet this day.

You are sacred, you are loved.


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