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Energetic & Spiritual Immersion into the Chakras

What is covered in this course:

Anatomy of the chakras
How the Chakras offer physiological support
Chakras & Spiritual Development
The Mystical Side of the Chakras
Ways to work with the Chakras (crystals, mantras, mudras, essential oils)
Energy Healing with the Chakras

This Immersion is available as:

Self-Directed Study
Self-directed Study with Mentorship

Coming Soon!

Energy Medicine for Vitality & Healing

In this course you will learn:
How to support the immune system
How to balance your horomones
Pain management techniques
How to support difficult emotions
How to heal anxiety, stress & overwhlem
Plus many more techniques to enhance your vitality & support your healing

This course is available in two formats:

Self-directed Study
Self-directed Study & Mentorship

This offering is based on the teachings of Donna Eden & Eden Energy Medicine

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