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Your body holds the key to unlock all of yours desires: Health, Abundance, Purpose, Confidence, Grace, Love, Joy, Partnership, Spiritual Connection, whatever it may be.

As you move through life, you encode all of your experiences and beliefs within your body on a physical as well as an energetic level. At a certain point, what holds you back from creating your dreams and desires cannot be deciphered with logic or reason.

Through a powerful and deep energetic process that combines energy work, spiritual mentorship and a lot of love and respect I help you to shift the limiting patterns and beliefs that keep you stuck in your tracks.

Sessions are conducted in person (Ottawa, Canada) or distance via skype/phone


This is a single 90-120 minute session where we begin our work together. We will identify and shift your basic limiting energetic patterns. You will learn about your unique energetic system, identify your energetic strengths and see where your imbalances lie. You will learn how to shift them and create a greater capacity to be grounded, healthy and happy.

This session is ideal for those who are new to energy work and would like to set a strong foundation for moving forward in their life and work.

Investment: $175


This package includes the Discovery session plus FIVE 60-90 minute sessions. Initially our work will be to help you create a strong energetic foundation. Then we will delve deep into the limiting beliefs and patterns that are stuck in your system and shift them so that you can build an abundant, joyful, spiritually connected life. This package is ideal for those who are looking for deep, meaningful and changes in their experience of life.

Investment: $900

quotemark-purpleMaria is so powerful and yet so gentle. The healing we do together has a profound impact on my life. She is a beautiful holder of healing space and gets to the root of what is holding me back and we work through it. Every time I have a session I am shocked at how amazing it is - you would think I would know by now but she continues to blow my mind.I can't express how working with you has created so much beautiful space for me to step into this year and shine. My gratitude for you and the gorgeous work you do in this world runs very deep.

- Shannon Ledford

Sacred Evolution Group Program:

This 7 month program brings together the magic and power of sisterhood and personalized transformational energy work. You will be a part of 6 monthly virtual circle gatherings, receive 6 private transformational energy sessions and be whisked away for an in-person group retreat, nestled in the Kootenay mountains in British Columbia.

Begins October 2016.

Tune up:

Tune-up sessions are available to clients who have completed the Transformation Package or Evolution Program. These 60-90 minute sessions will get you back on track and keep you humming on your soul journey.

Investment: $150

quotemark-purpleWhen I am in need of uncovering the core belief that is preventing me to expand and flow with life, I immediately turn to Maria. She has the ability to intuitively feel the energetics and shift core beliefs in a matter of minutes. Maria is a compassionate priestess who empowers me to evolve and provides me with tools that I can easily incorporate in my daily practice. I am honored to be a client of hers.

- Sora Surya No

Angel Sessions:

Five dollars from each session, package or program you purchase will be allocated to the Angel Session Fund. When you book, you can also make an additional donation, which I will match dollar for dollar.

This Fund is for women who are ready and committed to shift their limiting patterns and beliefs, but for whom the pricing might be prohibitive. To apply for an Angel Session, send me a note at the contact link below.

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