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Channelled and Intuitive Guidance for Clarity + Expansion

Your Month Ahead Oracle Guidance Reading

This has been my most treasured tool to help me TRUST the unfolding of my journey and to provide me with insight and clarity.

Each month I intuitively pull a three card spread comprised of Spirit Animal Guidance, Goddess Guidance and a third that changes each month as I am guided.

The intention of this spread is to show you what energetics are at play, where you will be headed this month and how you can best support yourself.

This potent practice will help you to see that you are divinely guided and as you deepen with your Inner Wisdom-Keeper and mystical practices, you cannot go wrong.

This reading is conducted live via zoom. A recording will be sent to you.

You will also be provided with a PDF file of the images of your cards so that you can place them on your alter and connect with the energetic support they provide on a daily basis.

Available as a single session or save with a three month bundle.

Available As:
$150 Single Session PURCHASE HERE

$375 Three Month Bundle PURCHASE HERE

Ritual + Reading Oracle Guidance

When challenging situations arise, it can be difficult to discern where to place your focus.

What is really real in this moment?

This comprehensive reading includes a 'story' spread to show you what energetics are at play and where you may be best served to place your focus.

Personalized energy medicine and other spiritual tools will be provided to you.

Your reading will be emailed to you in PDF format along with an image of your cards.

Mini Guidance Oracle Reading

What do you need to know to support you today?

This mini reading includes one card and channelled guidance to give you clarity and a deeper understanding of the energetics at play. You will be emailed a write up of your guidance and an image of your card in PDF format.

What others are saying...

quotemark-purpleMaria used her beautiful energy and intuition to help me see a clear way to making a very important life altering decision. I’ve never looked back. Maria gave me the guidance and support I needed to move through some blocks, embrace my personal power and move forward with my life.

-Diane Perehudoff, Nelson BC

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