October Transmission & Samhain Ritual

This month I have created an audio transmission for you to activate your inner radiance and bring back wisdom to help you navigate any heaviness you may be experience at this moment in time.

As well below are steps for you to create a Sacred Fire Ceremony for Samhain and to help you navigate your own inner shadow work.

In the comments below please share your experiences as you navigate this powerful portal of transformation and possibility!

Maria Seraphina

Your October Mystical Transmission

This month’s transmission is in audio format and will take you on an energetic and visual journey to activate the radiance within you.

Before you begin, take a moment to get comfortable. Have a quiet place where you can fully receive fully receive this transmission. Play time is just over 6 minutes long.

Have your journal and pen handy to record any messages you receive afterwards.

Your Audio Transmission

Samhain Sacred Ceremony

In the northern hemisphere Samhain is approaching – in the Avalon tradition this is a time to make a fire project to activate your shadow work.

The Samhain portal falls in conjunction with the Full Moon in Taurus, which is November 4th this year.

Shadow work is the willingness to look at that which you avoid. The patterns and the stories that hold you back from living in alignment with your soul’s purpose. The habits and attitudes that create discord and disharmony in your life.

This could show up in any number of ways –

It could be addiction, disconnection from your body, perfectionism, fear of change, and so on. Anything that is standing in your way of creating fulfilment and joy. You will know what needs to be tended to.

When you consciously work with your shadows you are sending a signal to your higher-self and guides that you are ready. Opportunities will arise for you to clear out these patterns – they may feel challenging, but because you are willing, you are ready to deal with them.

You will also receive insights and understandings, guiding you in reforming new patterns and attitudes.

Archetypal Goddess energies that align with Samhain and the energy of descent into shadow work include Isis, Persephone, Cerridwen and Ishtar. You can learn about and work with these Goddesses and their mythology to support you on this path.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to have support once you step on this path. Immerse yourself in sisterhood, other like minded women who are here to support you and hold you in your shadow, as well as the guidance and help of trained professionals such as therapists, body workers and energy healers, such as myself.

You can read more about my 1:1 Energetic Alchemy Sessions and how they can support you HERE.

Preparation for Your Samhain Ceremony

Over the next couple of weeks begin to feel into what it is you would like to work with. Set an intention for a pattern to be revealed and see where your thoughts, sensation and knowing takes you.

Begin to write down your thoughts and see what comes to life for release.

Once you know what you want to release, feel into how you can create a physical representation of it to put into the fire. It could be images on bristol board, it could be written work. It could be herbs and plants or something you make with your hands. There is no right or wrong.

In the past I printed images that represented my project and wrote words to go with it. I also saved my hair that I cut off and wrapped it with flower petals and words to release into the fire.

Then create the physical representation of what it is you would like to release.

Your Samhain Ceremony – November 4th

Prepare yourself for sacred Ceremony.

Take a bath with essential oils and dress yourself in something you feel your best in.
Adorn yourself in anyway that feels right.

Go outside and take a moment to attune yourself to the elements and connect in with your breath and the earth.

Send all of your intentions and hopes and desires into your project.

Either in a fire-safe spot outdoors or indoors you will burn your project. Ask your guides and the Goddess to watch over you and support you as you release these aspects of yourself to be transmuted.

As your project burns watch it and tend to it until all that remains is ash. Your vision is released and carried with the element of air and the ashes will be received by the element of earth.

Thank the elemental forces and your guides.

And close your ceremony with a song, prayer or meditation.

Take some time to journal your experience.

One the ashes are cooled take them and burry them, giving them back to the earth.

This work will unfold over the next 6 months until the energy begins to rise again with Beltane in May.

If you have any questions please feel free to post them in the comments below or contact me HERE

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