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New Moon Energetic Activation Gatherings

Upcoming Gatherings

Thursday Oct 19th, 8pm EST
Saturday Nov 18th, 8pm EST
Monday Dec 18th, 12pm EST

Welcome to Your Alchemical Cauldron

As your Priestess, I invite you to bring full Intention and full Attention to your life.

I am here to guide you to witness the mystical and magical forces at play within your everyday experience and to help you see the bigger Why of your life: the patterns, the struggles and the divine guidance that flows through your very being.

Because life on earth is cyclical, we can easily deepen our evolutionary experience by flowing with the natural cycles around us, in particular by harnessing the lunar cycle.

The New Moon is the beginning of a new cycle. It is a time of spiralling inwards to seed Intention and create deep conscious connection with your inner Wisdom-Keeper.

The New Moon Energetic Activation is a sacred gathering
that facilitates this ancient process.

On the New Moon we will come together for a 60 minute, live on-line gathering, to move through
the lens of a particular intention to seed healing, alignment and soul-revelation.

Alchemical transformation will begin during our time together and will continue to percolate and integrate over the flow of the lunar cycle.

After each gathering I invite you to bring your full Attention to your daily experience as it unfolds over the course of this cycle (New Moon to New Moon) to see what additional lessons, understandings, synchronicities and wisdom come forth.

When you fully engage in this expansive mystical experience it becomes the potent alchemical cauldron that your spiritual growth needs.

This is your call - to take a stand & own the mystical unfolding of your life.

Are you ready to dive into the alchemical cauldron?

Choose From 3 Ticket Options
Single Moon Ticket $35

3 Moon Ticket $90

13 Moon Ticket $325

Additional 1:1 Support is also Available to help you integrate this Activation & to guide you throughout the Lunar Cycle. It can be added upon purchase of your ticket.

quotemark-purpleWhat Maria offers is totally different from anything I’ve experienced. She embodies and transmits energy medicine so powerfully that it can be felt viscerally, even across time and space from within a virtual video room. Her Oracle reading for me was not only accurate, but served to affirm and deepen the ancestral healing work I’d been doing around my lineage and understanding my shamanic path. Even if you have been doing this work for years (or lifetimes), there will be something powerful in store for you if you join Maria’s New Moon Activations. Make yourself available and say yes.

The Mystical Process

I work with the collective energetic field of the women who declare their presence. Each New Moon Energetic Activation is tailored to the specific energetic needs and configuration of the group.

This collective spiritual expansion process is grounded in Energy Medicine and guided by channelled visualization & meditation.

As your Priestess, I hold the energy of the sacred container, guide the energetics of the collective, create access points for energetic alignment and clearing and help you to deepen with your Inner Wisdom-Keeper.

You will be guided to use certain energy medicine techniques, breath work, mudras, mantras, visualizations and journalling.

In each gathering you can expect the following flow:

Opening Sacred Space
Calling in Spiritual Support
Grounding Exercises
Group Experience: this is the channelled alchemical process
Integration of Experience
Opportunity to Share


Once you have purchased your ticket, you will receive a confirmation email with further instructions to prepare for the gathering, what to have on hand, etc.

12 hours prior to the gathering I will send you the link required to join in live.

Once your ticket has been purchased you are presenced into the sacred container and you will be assigned an energetic guide by way of an oracle card to provide personalized support for this activation and lunar cycle. The card will be used during the gathering and the image will be sent to you afterwards with the recording.

Your participation in real-time is encouraged, however you can also participate with the recording during the new moon portal, which lasts approximately 48 hours. Subtle energy is not constrained by time or space!

I offer you the opportunity to connect with me afterwards via email if you require any support in further integrating your experience or simply would like to have your experience witnessed.

I look forward to deepening into the mystical with you

Upcoming Gatherings

Thursday Oct 19th, 8pm EST
Saturday Nov 18th, 8pm EST
Monday Dec 18th, 12pm EST

Cost per gathering is $35

What others are saying about their New Moon Energetic Activation Experience

quotemark-purpleMaria, I LOVED the card you pulled for me. I felt it was so spot on, and exactly what I needed, and I thought it was so great that you took the time and energy to do that for each person.

I also felt the connection to the other sisters energetically in the circle, and appreciated that you called our presence in. Even though I couldn’t attend live, I remembered to tune in energetically while I was at work and I felt supported knowing that you were in your element and holding space.

The New Moon Circle gave us an opportunity to work with the energy and talisman we each received in the Circle over this moon cycle to help us connect deeper with our soul's work and to reconnect with our higher self/wise woman. During the session I heard ravens outside my window cawing and I received a visual talisman of little shoes! I felt the message to ‘take action, get out of my head and just Go’, to be LOUD in sharing my work.

quotemark-purpleMaria provides a safe sacred space that allows healing to energetically flow through. I love her vision and mission to Liberate Our Inner Wisdom-Keeper. This is so true - this is exactly what she has helped me do!

During the New Moon Energetic Activation Circle, a new guide showed up for me. A powerful green Earth Goddess. She weaved her green energy throughout my chakras and told me she was the new Earth that was created from my past emotional lava explosions. I have new fertile Earth to tend and garden and I can find her in the Jungle!

quotemark-purpleMaria Kurylo is a priestess of the highest order, providing a safe portal to transport you energetically to a place of peace and healing. Her soothing voice allows you to let go of the daily rigour-moral and settle deeply into your body on all levels.

You may not know what this powerful beauty is doing nor do you need to, but rather trust in the process. I went into this activation feeling off, angry, and a few more sordid emotions after a trying few days. I wasn't even half way through and I already felt a tremendous shift of immense potency a new state of consciousness and clarity.

During the Circle I received a dagger as my totem. Since Circle I have actively worked with dagger whose messages have helped me to cut through the bullshit and helped me embrace that I am a powerful healer through spoken&written word. Out of this process I have started creating my personal vessel for my truth in the embodiment of Serefina Firestarter.

I look forward to feeling/seeing/experiencing all of the shifts that occur with this energetic activation over the course of the lunar cycle. Thank you Maria, for sharing your gifts and this beautiful ceremony. You simply have to experience the power of the energy coursing through your body as it re-aligns and releases what no longer serves it. Yes I was daunted at first by the time and so glad I ignored my ego!


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