Focus on the Light: Oracle Blessing for the February New Moon

She had been journeying for what felt like lifetimes.  There was a heaviness burdening her heart, each step felt heavy with the residue of pain, disappointment and heartache.  

Focus on the Light

Card pulled from Sacred Rebels

This isn’t how it is supposed to be” she thought to herself, “this isn’t how it is supposed to feel“.

As she approached a grove of cedar trees she tripped over the old gnarled roots, bringing her hard down onto her knees.  The blow split her last shred of resolve to keep it together and she began to weep, releasing all of the grief she had stored away, flowing out of her like torrential rains.

She shook and sobbed and raged at the injustice of it all.

She cried until the well dried up and she lay, spent and exhausted.

She no longer cared and from this place of utter emptiness she closed her eyes and surrendered to the encroaching darkness.

Time spun and wound all around her in a veil of silence.  

In the emptiness a gentle voice whispered, “At last she has surrendered“.

Yes, her deep waters have broken, she is ready” another voice replied.

The angels held council around her, extending their loving arms over her, wrapping her in ribbons of possibility.

From her deep slumber, she could hear the voices whispering all around her.  She didn’t know what it all meant, she didn’t even really care.  But even so, she could feel the loving strength of their words penetrating deep into her bones.

Suddenly she felt her spirit lift her back up to life and shake her awake.

With a start she looked around her, startled to see she was in a meadow with blue skies and a warm sun beaming down on her.

With firm resolved she stood, shaky but strong, feeling her body as if for the first time.  Her skin glowed and she felt her blood pulsing through her as she prepared to take the next step forward in her life.  She felt hope shining in her heart, reassuring her that all was well. 

She could feel a gentle breeze tickling her skin, dancing around her whispering, “The light dear child, focus on the light, it will carry you through whatever shadows you face, bringing to you a new dawn“.

She outstretched her hands to the beauty all around her, gathering up all of the goodness before placing her hands firmly over her heart. “Thank you“, she sighed.

She turned to continue on her journey, knowing with certainty that ‘there [must] always [be] darkness before the dawn’*.

*Line inspired from ‘Shake it Out’ by Florence and the Machine.  Click here for song and video.

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