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Spiritual Pilgrimage with the Divine Feminine:

Southern France FALL 2018

This Mystical tour and retreat will take us to sacred sites in the South of France that have long been connected with the divine feminine.

We will spend time in nature, connecting with the land and its energetic frequencies, in sacred ceremony to connect with the Goddess and her archetypal energies through Isis and Mary Magdalene and in beautiful retreat space to commune and heal with our own divine feminine essence.

Some of our stops will include:

St. Baume, a sacred mountain associated with the divine feminine and where Mary Magdalene is said to have spend her last years;

St. Maximin to view the relics of Mary Magdalene

Rennes-le-Chateau to explore the Magdalene Cave and ancient druid site

Minerve to connect with the essence of the divine feminine that echoes throughout its hills

We will also spend time in a beautiful chateau deep in Cathar country to sit in sacred ceremony, receive healing activations and connect in sister hood with each other and the divine.

Do you feel that stirring within you?

That potent yes to connect with ancient lands?

To reawaken, recalibrate and rebirth lost parts of your feminine self?

This is a journey of sacred reclamation, bringing you back home to your intuitive power.

Calling you back into alignment with your inner Wisdom-Keeper.

We are calling in 13 women who are ready to take this sacred pilgrimage back home to their power.

More details to come soon dear Sister...


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