I Surrender, I Receive: New Moon in Taurus Oracle Blessing

Wisdom from the Great Mother

13 Moon Oracle by Ariel Spilsbury

13 Moon Oracle by Ariel Spilsbury

She who holds all,

Gatherer of Souls, 

Infusing divinity into your sacred vessel.

She is breath and vibrancy, flowing through your every movement and consciousness,

Awakening you to a deeper knowing that you are here to birth yourself into being

Cosmic Dancer, piercing primordial waters,

Birth into being, birth yourself into being.

She will cradle you to her bosom and remind you of who you are

Dear Child – you are love.

Blessed being of love.

She is with you always, breathe in her Essence.


Her Essence is Within You; April New Moon Oracle Blessing

Ancestral cries echoing from beyond the veil, “Turn this way, not that way!… Why doesn’t she listen, why has she forgotten us?  The Sacred Mountain, you must find her, her essence is within you.”

Native Spirit Oracle Cards by Denise Linn

Native Spirit Oracle Cards by Denise Linn

These words clung to her dreams as she stirred from her sleep.  She peeked out from under her blankets to witness the morning sun cresting over the mountain top.

She stuck a toe out to check the temperature and shivered.  It was cold and down in the valley below the mists had rolled in, blanketing the land in mystery.

She had been away from home for weeks – setting out on this adventure to spice up her life, which felt flat at best.  Her friends thought she was crazy, why not a resort on a beach?  Why not go sailing on a yacht?  

She couldn’t tell them the truth. She couldn’t tell them about her lingering dreams that woke her at night and whispered to her throughout the day.

She needed to find the Sacred Mountain.

So she pulled out travel books and surfed the net until she had found it.  Her stomach had lurched when she saw it. The Valley of the Queens, Sacred Mountain in Peru.  This was it – this is where she needed to go to figure things out.

She looked over to where a morning fire was already crackling, her guide up at dawn getting the morning tea and meal going.  She gingerly crawled out of her cozy nest and stretched her aching body.

This was it, today they would reach the highest point and reach the Valley of the Queens.  So far the journey had been fascinating, laborious and exhausting.  Hardly enlightening though, more hard work than fun.  So she was eager to see what awaited her at the top.

They ate and broke camp and began the last climb.  The going was slow, but her body warmed and loosened up with the movement.  The view, as usual, was extraordinary.  After several hours her guide beckoned to her, they were here, just around the rock was the Valley of the Queens.  Her heart skipped a beat, her stomach lurched. ‘Finally!’ she thought.

She took a deep breath and stepped forward and tripped.  She fell hard, the earth slamming into her body, she screamed out as her knee hit something sharp.  She lay unmoving as her guide came running back to her.

She felt more embarrassed than in pain, she rolled over and blood poured out of her knee.  Her guide quickly cleaned it up and set her straight, telling her she would likely need stitches.  ‘Great’, she thought, ‘this is the glory I get for making it to the top?’

She hobbled to her feet and limped around the corner.  ‘Okay, here we go’, she said under her breath.  Before her lay a beautiful luscious stretch of green meadow, fed by a crystalline water fall.  Rainbows glimmered off of the spray as the water hit the rocks below.

The Valley of the Queens – it was amazing – but it was no more awe-inspiring than what she had already seen, there was nothing particularly special about this place.  She waited. Nothing happened.  No deep stirring inside, no pull. ‘This is it?’ she thought.

Her head and knee throbbed.  She was thirsty and disappointed, her ego bruised.  The guide laid down a blanket and checked on her wounds.   He encouraged her to rest, he could sense that she needed some space and told her he would go see about collecting some wildflowers for tea.

She lay back and tried to let the warm sun soothe her.  ‘What the heck am I doing here?  What did I expect I would find up here? I should’ve just gone to the beach.’  She closed her eyes to rest.

But she couldn’t relax.  ‘Now what?  I just go home to the same old same old?’  She sat back up and watched her guide walking towards the waterfall.  He filled up his canister and walked back to her.

She looked up at his smiling face as he handed her the water. ‘Here’, he said, ‘drink, her essence is within you’.  At these words chills went up and down her spine, the hair on the back of her neck stood on end.

She looked around her.  Her essence is within you.  With this reflection she took in the beauty all around her. She felt the cool pure water on her lips.  She burst out laughing now understanding the cosmic joke.

The guide helped her stand back up, his eyes twinkling, having witnessed this journey in others before.  She laughed again and opened her arms wide and shouted as loud as she could: “I am the Sacred Mountain, I am the Valley of the Queens!”

With this she knew that what was stirring in her dreams, what was beckoning her was not this far off distant place, but it was her own spirit, pulsing within her, ready to awaken and do with as she pleased.

She looked down at her bruised and cut knee, grateful now to have this physical reminder.  She could create whatever life she desired – she only needed to look inside herself. ‘And maybe, she thought as she shook her head, ‘scaling the Sacred Mountain within doesn’t need to be quite so physically painful and hard’.

With that she relaxed back down on the grass to gaze up at the sky and the wonder of the beauty reflected all around her.  As she dozed off she heard these words:

‘The Sacred Mountain waits for you with each breath, she beckons from the shadows and leaves traces in the most obscure places.  You must be ready and you must be willing to wake up, look around you – and listen.”

A Guided Journey for the Equinox

The Equinox is the in between time – a time of transition, which is anchored in Earth elemental energy.

Earth is the energy of boundaries, grounded presence, nurturing and love. In our body this rhythm pulses through our blood, and is the energy of Spleen/Pancreas & Stomach.

When this energy is out of balance we may feel overwhelmed, pulled in too many directions, like our energy is bleeding out. It is the unbalanced energy of the martyr, of sacrificing your emotional, spiritual and physical needs for others or the pendulum may swing in the other direction of avarice, greed and selfishness.

But when you are balanced in Earth, you are a force to be reckoned with. Brimming with abundance, giving and receiving in an easeful exchange. Love abounds and you are fully grounded and present. Your boundaries are strong, you make decisions from a place of overflow and clarity.

We are always somewhere on the continuum, – today I offer you a guided meditation to bring you back to that place of equanimity.  Set aside 10 minutes, settle in with the meditation and then take a moment to journal how you feel.  I’d love for you to share your experience in the comments below.

Happy Equinox.

Revelation: March Full Moon Mystical Journey

The old woman was heavily cloaked in black brocade, a tapestry of textures woven into her skin showing years of wisdom, experience and resilience.

Today she moved like one carrying a heavy burden on her shoulders, though for her it was within her soul.

Magdalene Oracle by Toni Carmine Salerno

Magdalene Oracle by Toni Carmine Salerno

This morning as she sat before her crystal ball, she sighed.  It was a sigh of resignation rather than one of delight like she used to feel as each day began.  

She was tired of what now felt like a circus show, reading for young hopefuls seeking prophesies of love and fame and fortune.

She was tired of using her gifts to feed avarice and vanity.  ‘What beast is rising in the belly of human-kind?’ she wondered.

With numb resignation she closed her eyes. She began to drift into a hazy state between dream and awake, with no real purpose other than to wait for the next coin to walk through her door.

As her awareness lapsed between thoughts she was suddenly jolted from the centre of her body, fully alert in her psychic senses. 

However, if you were to have peered past her curtains you would have thought her to be asleep or perhaps resting after a last breath had escaped her lips, transporting her to the next realm of the soul.

But for the woman, she was fully awake having entered a space of transcendence, into a plane where multiple realities lay in wait.  

Before her appeared a golden harp, strings waiting to be plucked, anticipating the melody that would be unlocked.  She stepped forward, one hand on her heart as the other reached out and caressed the strings.  

A-minor resonated deeply from the belly of the harp, blurring the edges of the scene before her as brilliant red and golden hues began to envelope her.  In the midst of the heat and swirling primal energy the woman felt a calm all the way deep into her bones.  

She outstretch her arms, which transformed into a vast radiant plumage of wings, she threw her head back and cried out: “I AM THE PHOENIX!”.

At this revelation she wrapped her fiery wings around her and burst into a ball of light, she began spinning around herself, spiralling into her next incarnation.  

Her light body, now shimmering like golden dust, began to gently flutter back down to rest and rejuvenate. A blanket of soft red velvet draped over her new form. All was still.  All was silent.

Dawn came once again, the old woman began to stir in her seat.  She awoke, looking around her dim room, her crystal ball, seemingly reposed in front of her – or was that a glimmer of an ember still smoldering inside of it?

The old woman suddenly began to chuckle, she stood up from her chair and began to shake and wiggle and dance letting her laughter build and fill the room with a vibrancy that had long been laying in wait.

Once again she sighed, but this time a sigh of delight, release and wonder.  A sigh that revealed her deep inner truth:

“I am the Phoenix, bearer of hope and transformation. From the ashes I will rise again and again to birth my reality. And so it is.”

Focus on the Light: Oracle Blessing for the February New Moon

She had been journeying for what felt like lifetimes.  There was a heaviness burdening her heart, each step felt heavy with the residue of pain, disappointment and heartache.  

Focus on the Light

Card pulled from Sacred Rebels

This isn’t how it is supposed to be” she thought to herself, “this isn’t how it is supposed to feel“.

As she approached a grove of cedar trees she tripped over the old gnarled roots, bringing her hard down onto her knees.  The blow split her last shred of resolve to keep it together and she began to weep, releasing all of the grief she had stored away, flowing out of her like torrential rains.

She shook and sobbed and raged at the injustice of it all.

She cried until the well dried up and she lay, spent and exhausted.

She no longer cared and from this place of utter emptiness she closed her eyes and surrendered to the encroaching darkness.

Time spun and wound all around her in a veil of silence.  

In the emptiness a gentle voice whispered, “At last she has surrendered“.

Yes, her deep waters have broken, she is ready” another voice replied.

The angels held council around her, extending their loving arms over her, wrapping her in ribbons of possibility.

From her deep slumber, she could hear the voices whispering all around her.  She didn’t know what it all meant, she didn’t even really care.  But even so, she could feel the loving strength of their words penetrating deep into her bones.

Suddenly she felt her spirit lift her back up to life and shake her awake.

With a start she looked around her, startled to see she was in a meadow with blue skies and a warm sun beaming down on her.

With firm resolved she stood, shaky but strong, feeling her body as if for the first time.  Her skin glowed and she felt her blood pulsing through her as she prepared to take the next step forward in her life.  She felt hope shining in her heart, reassuring her that all was well. 

She could feel a gentle breeze tickling her skin, dancing around her whispering, “The light dear child, focus on the light, it will carry you through whatever shadows you face, bringing to you a new dawn“.

She outstretched her hands to the beauty all around her, gathering up all of the goodness before placing her hands firmly over her heart. “Thank you“, she sighed.

She turned to continue on her journey, knowing with certainty that ‘there [must] always [be] darkness before the dawn’*.

*Line inspired from ‘Shake it Out’ by Florence and the Machine.  Click here for song and video.

You are always Loved.

There is so much to process right now.  The world is hurting, you are hurting. You may feel too much, you may feel it all and it leaves you feeling paralyzed.

Know that you are loved.  In all of your hurt, your fear, your anguish, your hope, & your joy, you are loved.

There is a sacred thread that connects us all and that is why when a piece of that thread breaks or tears, you feel it too sister.  But can you also feels those other pieces of thread?  Those that are strong and loving and resilient?  Those that can carry your tender heart until you feel the strength to stand once again? 

Pause – breathe.  Place your hands over your heart.  Feel yourself extending down through your feet and weaving your own energetic roots down into the earth.  Feel her rising up to meet you, with each breath, each pulse.  Feel the length through your spine and your crown opening up to be filled with the beauty of the sacred that is waiting to swirl, swoop and descend down to revive your tender heart.  You are a living, breathing temple, an embodiment of the cosmos.  A temple created and sustained by the organizing forces of love.

Breathe and fill yourself up with everything that you need so that you are ready to meet this day.

You are sacred, you are loved.


Reawakening the Divine Feminine

As much progress as we have made as a collective in the western world around gender equality, there still lingers an undercurrent of misogynistic patterning that holds us back from feeling completely at ease in our skin.
And it is up to us as women to re-pattern what keeps us shackled.  Our western society has fallen prey to what I call the ‘Margaret Thatcher syndrome’.  In order to play the game we adopted the rules of the patriarchal system. We put on ‘power suits’, we cut our hair, we adopted a sharp cold demeanour, we shut down our intuitive side for the much more socially accepted linear and logical left-brained point of view (Ms. Thatcher even learned to drop her voice several octaves to be taken more seriously).  We lost our gentleness and capacity to move and flow with the phases of the moon.  Instead we began to over-ride our feminine energy and suck it up, tough it out and get ‘er done.
We hardened and now we are beginning to atrophy and to burn out.  We can’t keep moving through this world as if we are men.
All humans possess both masculine (yang) and feminine (yin) energy, but for the last several thousand years our society has shunned yin (feminine) energy and become overly yang.  This has led to a great disparity within ourselves (both men and women) and it is reflected in the chaos we see playing around us as well as the desecration of mother earth.
But you know this – this is one of the reasons you are drawn to this this work, this page. You feel the imbalance and are longing for something deeper.  This craving is not just spiritual connection, it is also a yearning for something you maybe can’t quite name.  It is a yearning for your inner magic and wisdom.  It is a yearning for an old way of being, like in the days when we honoured the Great Mother, the Goddess.
The ebb and flow of the feminine, her intuitive capabilities and her capacity to feel the world around her are calling to you.  How can I slow down, how can I honour my inner rhythm?  I cannot answer this for you.  The irony is that the only way to find out is to slow down – stop and listen.  Ask yourself, what do I need today to feel supported?  How do I want to feel?
As you slowly begin to listen and then act upon your true needs, your feminine energy begins to be validated. She reawakens within you and reinforces what you know to be true.  Slowly you may find yourself re-prioritizing activities and re-evaluating goals.  In time as the feminine rises, your own inner power rises.  For she is soft and fierce like the wolf, the bear and the wildcat.

Clear out your fears & limiting beliefs; New Offerings, last chance to book at old price point

Most of my life I have had a desire to help people remove obstacles from their path so that they could get on with life and find joy, peace, connection, confidence and a deep love of self.

I began by teaching yoga, then becoming an energy medicine practitioner and coach.  My work has been very fulfilling, yet I wanted to have a deeper impact.

Recently I have found the missing piece that I was looking for to help clients make big shifts in their lives – working with the underlying subconscious beliefs and fears held in the body.  For the past 8 months I have incorporated this process into my work with my clients and we have been getting profound and amazing results!

How do you know if you have a limiting sub-conscious belief or fear?  Take a moment to check in with yourself and reflect on some of these questions:

  • Do you have issues or problems that you keep revisiting in your life?
  • Are there areas in your life where you are stuck?
  • Do you have anxiety or fear around a particular event or situation that you just can’t rationalize your way out of?
  • Do you carry around any ‘irrational’ fears or anxiety?
  • Do you have health problems that are persistent, hard to define or came on suddenly?

I can guarantee you that we all have them!  We are intelligent, creative beings and we figure out pretty early on how to keep ourselves safe and protected from the world.  We walk around with walls and protection mechanisms and as we mature, many of those mechanisms no longer serve us and get in our way of creating a fulfilling life.  This takes up so much of our precious time and energy – don’t you just want to get on with it?

So the good news is that there is an energetic pattern, a sub-conscious belief or fear that can be identified and shifted.  And once you clear it out of your system, you can move on and quit wasting time worrying, stalling, being afraid of moving forward and just live a fabulous, joyful life!

I have created a new line up of packages and offerings that come into effect May 4th.

Discovery Session:
One 90-120 minute session to get you started on your empowered path. $175

Transformation Package:
Discovery Session plus FIVE 60-90 minute Sacred Alignment sessions to get to the source of what is in your way and transforming how you do life. $900

Evolution: Sacred Alignment Group Program 
This 7 month program is for women who would like a deeper container and connection to support their inner work and transformation, who would like to cultivate a meaningful experience of sisterhood and be whisked away for a gorgeous retreat experience.

Throughout our time together you will receive:

  • 6 monthly virtual circle gatherings with the group
  • 6 monthly private Sacred Alignment sessions (can be virtual or in-person if you are local)
  • In-person retreat in the magical Kootenay mountains in Nelson, British Columbia
  • Weekly intimate sister calls

This program begins in October 2016.  I will be sending out more information on this in the upcoming months.


Already completed the Transformation Package but are looking for support from time to time?  The Tune-up session will give you just that.  A 60-90 minute session to check-in and keep you on-track. $150

Angel Session Fund
For each session booked I will donate 30mins of my time into this fund to go towards sessions for those who cannot currently afford my price point.  There will be an application process to access the fund.  Please contact me directly to inquire.

And finally, I will continue to hold my monthly Sacred Sisterhood Circle Gatherings: Our next gathering is Friday April 22nd. Click here for upcoming dates and themes.

If you want to stay connected with what I am up to and receive my newsletter, please subscribe here.

With much love & gratitude,

Maria 🙂

Take the Time to Listen to Your Heart: The Practice of Suni-ai


This word is my anchor.  It means to deeply listen, to pay attention.

What is happening inside of you?  What emotions and sensations are at play?  What are your body, your heart, your energies, your intuition and your guides trying to tell you?  What is really real?


Making the time and space to deeply listen is challenging.  Our life and minds are cluttered with deadlines, to-do lists, expectations, shoulds, judgements and sub-conscious beliefs.  As a result most of the time we live on auto-pilot because it is just too much.
But this isn’t working any more is it?

You feel the stress and you feel the yearning for more (peace, space, quiet, love, meaning,etc).

What is it going to take for you to commit to yourself?

It took me a year of getting sick, one bug and virus after another.  Finally I surrendered and sat in front of my alter – every day for a moon cycle.  Some days I meditated, some days I chanted, some days I danced, some days I journaled and some days I cried.  I followed the wheel of the moon and goddess archetypes from the 13 Moon Mystery Oracle Guide.  

The practice of Suni-ai wasn’t new to me, but until last year I didn’t take it as seriously as I needed to. So my higher wisdom found a way to get my attention and finally I surrendered.

From this practice I began to listen to what I truly needed in order to create solid boundaries and take care of myself.

And now I yearn for this precious practice and make space for it at least 4 times a week.

It is not for me to tell you how to practice suni-ai.  This is my story and what resonated and worked for me.

What I am encouraging you to do is to carve out sacred space on a regular basis so that you can practice the art of deeply listening.  For you it may be a walk or a bath.  It may be journalling or gazing out the window with a cup of tea.  It might be singing, dancing, painting or yoga. Maybe it is asking yourself: ‘What do I need today to feel supported?’  It HAS to be something that draws you in and makes sense to you.

When you make this committed time for yourself, a whole world that is distraction free and authentic begins to open and how you do life will start to shift. It will change your life for the better.

This month I am focusing on Intuition & Trust.  Both start with the art of Suni-ai.  Will you join me?

If you would like some support with this practice and to delve deeper into Suni-ai, here are the ways you can work with me, be inspired and supported:

With love,

Maria 🙂


The Space Between

I squeeze my eyes shut and take a deep breath, oh my stomach is in knots! As I hold my breath I take a peek and check the balance in my bank account.  In the next room the kids are pounding on each other and fighting because..never mind why, I’ve given up trying to understand. I feel my irritation swell and before I know it I am yelling at them to be nice and kind to each other as I tear the toys out of their hands. I collect myself and sigh as I look around at the mess that I have to either coerce them into tidying or just do it myself because getting them to do it would be too much effort. I just want to crawl under the blankets.

Once the kids are in bed my husband and I look lovingly into each others eyes, we are so connected, this time is ours, we lean in towards one another and – oh wait, that’s not my life.  Damn Netflix. Right I have shut out the world with tv or red wine or that all natural caramel corn that is oh so addictive…where is my husband anyway?

Does any of this sound familiar?!?!?

We all have some version of this happening in our lives and I can tell you in these moments I do not feel vibrant, joyful, grounded, connected or free.

But this is how I desire to feel every day in every moment, but the realities of life can easily pull me off my intended blissful track.

So what can you do?

Find the space between.

This space is where your human experience meets your divine knowing.  Think Earth Girls Meets Goddess – that just might make a cool Hallowe’en costume…Anyway, I digress.

In yoga class I teach that one way to find this space is by connecting with the pause between the inhale and the exhale.

Give it a try. Close your eyes, relax your jaw and shoulders and breathe. Slow it down. Breathe in. Breathe out. What’s there? Pay Attention.

Listen. Shhhh. Listen.

In the space between there is a stillness, a moment of silence that draws all of your attention to the present moment.   And in that space there is the potential to meet your divinity, your essence, your higher self, your truth, your inner wisdom, the Goddess, whatever you want to call it.

In this space your identity falls away, the shoulds disappear into the background, the mundane and the stress and all of the directions that you are pulled in disappear.  They simply don’t exist in that one brief moment as you encounter the space between.

This is the essence of life.

As you develop your connection with this space, your capacity to stay present increases and you become more attuned to the bigger mythical story playing out in your life.  You see that you have a choice.

I can chose to get stressed over the numbers in my bank account or I can create a strategy to manage them and feel spacious and relaxed.  I can feel exhausted and irritated by my kids and yell at them or I can see them as the little people that they are in need of guidance as they sort out what it means to share, to feel and to communicate thoughts and emotions.  I can drown myself in numbing substances and check out at the end of the day or I can cultivate activities that feel fun and nourishing. I can feel vibrant, joyful, connected, grounded and free. And yes sometimes I am going to chose the former and sometimes the latter.  And that is OKAY because I am choosing consciously from a place of higher awareness.

If you are ready to shift how you do life and to find a deeper connection with yourself, this is a great starting point.

Breathe into the space between for just a minute or two each day. Dip your toes in and see how it feels.

Maria 🙂

For some musical inspiration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H67uEgRZs2Y