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What Do You Love About Being A Woman?

Last month I was interviewed for the Rising She Tribe podcast and one of the intro questions they asked me was 'What do you love about being a woman?' The question landed inside of me with a thud. Huh? What an interesting concept. What a revolutionary notion - is it actually possible for me to love being a woman when the whole world has conspired against this very possibility? The only thing that swirled in my mind was SHAME - up until the last few years being a woman has never felt good or safe. Was there anything I loved about being a ...
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The Power of Your Words: Make Your 2018 Declaration

For several years now I have participated in a New Year ritual using the power of WORDS to bring focus and intention to what I desire to learn, release & create in a given year. It started as a light-hearted playful experiment for a couple of years by choosing a 'word for the year' and then 2017 showed me how powerful a declaration of words can actually be. Words have a resonance, a vibrational and energetic frequency. When spoken this vibration moves the air around us, it reverberates through the water within us and sends a message that we are ready to claim ...
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Awakening to the call of the Priestess

I remember the key moment of my awakening as a Priestess. I was sitting on my couch reading The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley. I put the book down and looked out the window, so many emotions swirling up within me. I thought, 'this book is about me!' But I had no idea what that meant or what to do with the longing building within me. Little did I know at the time, but this book is an activator, it was written as a call to remembrance for those who have walked as Priestess before. And like activator ...
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November Mystical Transmission

Distraction, pulling you every which way, out of your body, out of yourself... There is too much noise, too many thoughts, so many emotions. I am awakening, the Divine Feminine, and I am calling you home. But if I just do this, or if I just do that... NO MORE My voice can no longer be quelled or silenced. You feel the constriction in your throat, the same feeling between your thighs. You can't hold on anymore, so finally you give in & listen... Child you are lost. STOP. BREATHE NOW. DROP IN. I am brining you back to your ...
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Meet Maria

My vision is to help you be YOU in the truest sense of the word. I will help you to break the patterns and stories that keep you imprisoned in your smallness and instead create the story that is aligned with your heart + truth.

We do this by reconnecting you with the source of your power: you inner Wisdom-Keeper. This is where you open to and trust your intuition. This is where you can hear your inner voice and discern from a place of knowing. This is the place where you co-create with the divine to create your own heaven AS earth.

And one by one as we awaken and find our own liberation, we also strengthen and heal the collective, empowering and elevating humanity.

I invite you to step into my world of possibility and explore how we can work together to make the deep lasting shifts you desire in your life.

YOUR mystical + alchemical JOURNEY BEGINS NOW

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