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I Surrender, I receive: New Moon in Taurus Oracle Blessing

Wisdom from the Great Mother Shea who holds all, Gatherer of Souls,  Infusing divinity into your sacred vessel. She is breath and vibrancy, flowing through your every movement and consciousness, Awakening you to a deeper knowing that you are here to birth yourself into being Cosmic Dancer, piercing primordial waters, Birth into being, birth yourself […]

Her Essence is Within You; April New Moon Oracle Blessing

Ancestral cries echoing from beyond the veil, “Turn this way, not that way!… Why doesn’t she listen, why has she forgotten us?  The Sacred Mountain, you must find her, her essence is within you.” These words clung to her dreams as she stirred from her sleep.  She peeked out from under her blankets to witness the morning […]

A Guided Journey for the Equinox

The Equinox is the in between time – a time of transition, which is anchored in Earth elemental energy. Earth is the energy of boundaries, grounded presence, nurturing and love. In our body this rhythm pulses through our blood, and is the energy of Spleen/Pancreas & Stomach. When this energy is out of balance we […]

Revelation: March Full Moon Mystical Journey

The old woman was heavily cloaked in black brocade, a tapestry of textures woven into her skin showing years of wisdom, experience and resilience. Today she moved like one carrying a heavy burden on her shoulders, though for her it was within her soul. This morning as she sat before her crystal ball, she sighed. […]

You are always Loved.

There is so much to process right now.  The world is hurting, you are hurting. You may feel too much, you may feel it all and it leaves you feeling paralyzed. Know that you are loved.  In all of your hurt, your fear, your anguish, your hope, & your joy, you are loved. There is […]

Reawakening the Divine Feminine

As much progress as we have made as a collective in the western world around gender equality, there still lingers an undercurrent of misogynistic patterning that holds us back from feeling completely at ease in our skin. And it is up to us as women to re-pattern what keeps us shackled.  Our western society has […]


The Space Between

I squeeze my eyes shut and take a deep breath, oh my stomach is in knots! As I hold my breath I take a peek and check the balance in my bank account.  In the next room the kids are pounding on each other and fighting because..never mind why, I’ve given up trying to understand. […]