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1:1 Energetic Alchemy Sessions

Held within a sacred container, I use a combination of Energy Medicine & Mystical Guidance to identify and shift the stagnant or stuck energies that are hindering you from experiencing true freedom in your life.

I work with your chakras, aura, meridians and other energetic systems that need tending to.

In each session I use tools such as guided visualization, colours, essential oils, crystals and archetypal energies.

It is a gentle, interactive and powerful process.

We work together for 60-90 minutes either at my home office or in real-time via an on-line platform called Zoom.

We spend some time talking about what is showing up for you to be alchemized, set an intention for our time together and then we get down to work!

After our session you receive a summary of what took place and the practices you can use yourself to support the integration and expansion of the work we did together.

Ultimately diving deep into your inner darkness is enlightening + liberating, but it can also be intimidating, confusing and overwhelming!

So why do this work?

The answer is simple really - So that you can be

Liberated & Free

Liberated & Free from...

Old patterns entrenched in your DNA and encoded in your energetic systems

The stories created by early childhood & adolescent experiences

Familial and societal conditioning that limit you and keep you small

Being disconnected from your heart, your body, your desires and intuition

Fear, doubt, shame & other paralyzing emotions

Reactionary living

All of the masks that you wear...

You might find that you are struggling with your career, your partnership or with your health.

Or maybe it is something less clear cut, a particular pattern, behaviour or fear you keep encountering again and again.

You may feel frustrated, conventional wisdom just isn't getting to the root of it.

And maybe you are feeling a pull to explore the deeper mysteries of your Self.

All of these are signals from your heart + intuition, from your inner Wisdom-Keeper.

Your deepest, wisest part of Self is calling you home.

And She is asking you to step into a life that is aligned with your deepest Truth.

She is calling you back into your essence, to liberate yourself and to be Free.

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    What others are saying...

    quotemark-purpleMaria is so powerful and yet so gentle. The healing we do together has a profound impact on my life. She is a beautiful holder of healing space and gets to the root of what is holding me back and we work through it. Every time I have a session I am shocked at how amazing it is - you would think I would know by now but she continues to blow my mind. I can't express how working with you has created so much beautiful space for me to step into this year and shine. My gratitude for you and the gorgeous work you do in this world runs very deep.

    quotemark-purpleMaria is one of the most warm and nurturing women I know. Earlier this year I was panicking about when I was going to have kids. A huge planner and wanting to be overly prepared for everything, I was feeling stressed, overwhelmed and unclear on how I was going to do it all – be a career woman, a good wife and a mom all at once! Maria uncovered some crazy beliefs I was not aware of that were keeping me stuck, did some amazing energy work with me and gave me concrete action steps to do going forward.

    quotemark-purpleWhen I am in need of uncovering the core belief that is preventing me to expand and flow with life, I immediately turn to Maria. She has the ability to intuitively feel the energetics and shift core beliefs in a matter of minutes. Maria is a compassionate priestess who empowers me to evolve and provides me with tools that I can easily incorporate in my daily practice. I am honored to be a client of hers.

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